Bringing footwear to everyday people in every walk of life.


Mission Statement

Makers for Humankind’s vision is to bring socially innovative products to everyday people in every walk of life.  It's our priority to make footwear accessible,  customizable  and to make an social impact in the communities where we live and serve.

—Straight out of Baltimore, Maryland

I created Makers for Humankind to inspire creatives to make products that serve humanity. My research started the summer before my senior year at MICA. I was working on a project regarding unhoused people. I wanted to bridge the gap between the unhoused and the people who have a residence in that community. Everyday I would drive up and down Martin Luther King Blvd. to and from school, and at every red light there was an opportunity to give. Most times I would look for change in my car, I hated only being able to give something that would last for a second. I wanted to do more.  After the semester and similar projects around serving others, I found that socks were one of the number one needs of unhoused people, and footwear happened to be my passion. I was inspired to create a shoe that could serve the basic needs of an individual. The HM1's caters to someone who is on their feet for long periods of time and is flexible for the changing of socks, this includes people in the Health Profession, Education and Retail. We are committed to donating 10% of our proceeds to organizations that support unhoused people.

 —Mikea Hugley


We employ customization as a core value, allowing consumers to modify their product in many variations according to want and need. We believe that your footwear should adapt to your lifestyle.


We infuse affordability into our products by creating footwear that can be purchased in a variety of ways: in whole, in parts, and in custom pieces.

Social Responsibility

We forge relationships with organizations that serve unhoused people that will be the beneficiaries of 10% of the profit of our business on a yearly basis.


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